Terms of Service

Hong Kong Matchmakers render matchmaking services to all clients according to these rules and perimeters:

CPS (Client Profile Synopsis)

These are the best available, vetted candidates selected for our clients. Simultaneous profile exchanges will omit surnames. Photos are for office keep only. No photo will be displayed without client’s consent.


If a client does not reply to our email, one reminder will be sent. If he/she does not respond, this will be counted as voluntary forfeiture of one quota.


By mutual consent, email introductions follow. Profiles are confidential, disclosure NOT permitted. Depending on circumstances, dates could be arranged by us or by the candidates themselves.

Profile Substitution

As matches are selected to the best feasible extent of clients’ criteria within possible limits of availability and reality, profile substitution is NOT possible within the minimum guaranteed number of introductions except under two conditions : (1) you already know each other, (2) One is travelling or unavailable for over 3 weeks and the other does not wish to wait. Profile substitutions are possible for any introductions made after the minimum guaranteed has already been fulfilled.


1) If a client fails to meet a candidate within 2 weeks after introduction through no fault of your own, you should report to the office for assistance, otherwise it will be counted.
2) Quotas are counted by introductions, and NOT by physical meetings arranged by you and your candidates’ own volition.
3) HK Matchmakers will not be obligated to make any compensation to the client due to her own tardiness, omission, or lack of communication, and extension of service will not be possible.


We are a service company. There is generally NO refund system within the service industry. However, under specific circumstances, we may choose to offer “voluntary refund” to our clients at our discretion. Please see Condition of Services below:

Conditions of Services:

1. No service can begin until a client has passed our Background Check. If he/she fails TWICE, we may decide to refund the client, less bank charges + 20% administration costs and close his/her file permanently.
2. If the minimum number of introductions has not been met by service expiry, we may either refund the client or extend service duration until the min. number of introductions has been met. Exceptions see Pt. (3) -(6) below.
3. When suitable profiles are consistently being declined without valid reasons, or by frequent changes of criteria, or when a client does not respond to emails in spite of repeated requests … HONG KONG MATCHMAKERS will be deemed to have fulfilled all duties and no compensation will be due.
4. A quota is being counted after each introduction. If NO DATE materializes after an introduction, a client should inform HONG KONG MATCHMAKERS for assistance.
5. Verbal & written communications are different skills. To avoid misunderstandings, pls DO NOT engage in lengthy exchanges prior to a first date. Pls likewise avoid “over-exposure” in social media. If someone refuses to meet you after seeing all your wild photos, this introduction might also be counted if found justified.
6. In the event that a client finds a certain candidate highly appropriate, chooses to concentrate on building a relationship with him/her & voluntarily surrenders further options, no extension of service will be due.
7. Should any client consistently behave in a rude or unreasonable manner, or breaking normal codes of decent behaviour expected of an educated adult, HONG KONG MATCHMAKERS reserve the right to terminate his/her contract with 30% deduction for services rendered, plus 10% per month for each month of service and close his/her file permanently.
8. All profiles, email, video, information of any kind given to the client are strictly on the basis of absolute & complete confidentiality. The client may NOT pass on such information to any third party without HK Matchmakers’ prior written consent.
9. A male client is obligated to pay success bonus and a lady client is obligated to report to HKM her continued relationship with any man she has met through HKM even after service expiry, and in the event of co-habitation or marriage, she must report to HKM within 7 days of announcement or become legally liable to all fees owed to HK Matchmakers.
10. In the unfortunate event that no long term relationship materializes after all guaranteed introductions have been made, HK Matchmakers is deemed to have fulfilled all duties & no compensation will be due.