Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct refers to the behaviour and manners of all members and their guests attending any event, both indoor and outdoor, both in Hong Kong and outside Hong Kong, hosted or cohosted by Monsoon HK Ltd. under,,,, or Hong Kong Matchmakers, hereinafter to be referred to as “The Host”.

Standard of Conduct

All attendees participating in any event hosted or cohosted by The Host shall, at all times, conduct themselves in a manner which is courteous and respectful of the rights of others, including service staff. No one may act in an unsafe, rude, offensive, threatening or intimidating manner. If they do, The Host in their own judgment, may ask any individual to leave the event.

Mobile Telephones

Mobile phones must be turned off or switched to “silent” or “vibrate” mode upon the request of the venue or The Host. Where speaking on the phone is permitted, the user is obligated to keep his voice down. The Host reserves the right to restrict any usage of cell phone if it is deemed to be too loud and disruptive.

Personal Entertainment Devices

For journeys, personal games, radios and music machines shall not be played without the use of personal headphones. If the use of such devices is deemed to be disruptive, The Host may request the user to cease using such devices.


Misbehaviour under the influence of alcohol will not be tolerated. The Host reserves the right to remove offenders from the premises immediately.


Cigarette, cigars, pipe, and e-cigarette smoking is only allowed in designated areas. The Host may impose smoking ban even where no such regulations are imposed by the venue.


Gambling is prohibited at any venue any event except to the extent permitted by Hong Kong law an under licenses duly granted in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong.

Drugs, Weapons, Violence

Possession or use of any controlled substance, use of violence or weapon during any event anywhere anytime is strictly prohibited. Any and all offenders will be instantly removed by The Host and memberships terminated with no compensation.

Domestic Helpers

This include helpers, drivers… They are permitted only for the purpose of minding members requiring assistance (e.g. Wardrobe assistants for performers.). Domestic Helpers are not event attendees, they can neither enjoy event privileges nor roam freely.


No animals (except guide dogs for the blind, hearing or physically impaired) shall be brought to any event.

Restricted Area

No person other than authorized personnel shall enter non-public areas where it is clearly marked for staff only.

Lost Property

Members who leave any personal property anywhere at any event do so at their own risk. The Host shall not be responsible for the return of any lost, stolen or misplaced item.

Loss or Damage of Property

Any person who causes the loss of, or damage to, any property of any venue shall be subject to an assessment of all costs resulting from such loss or damage including any cost incurred in repairing or replacing such property at the venue’s discretion. Any such assessment may be in addition to sanctions imposed by The Host as a result of such damage. Members shall also be held financially responsible for any loss or damage to any event articles or premises caused by their family or guests.

Member-Staff Interaction

Members must not reprimand, intimidate or abuse any staff member of The Host or of the venue in any way. All matters related to The Host or the Venue should be directed to Representative of The Host or their office.

Procedure for Feedback

Any Member with a suggestion or concern shall direct their comments in writing, by email or by using a standard comment form available on our website under Contact Us.

Weather Warnings

When Typhoon Signal # 8 or a Black Rainstorm signal is hoisted by the Hong Kong Observatory, any event will automatically be cancelled. Please check our website Home Page for all special announcements.


The Host reserves the right to refuse access to any event in case of contagion risk.

No Medication by Staff

Neither the staff of The Host nor the Venue is permitted to distribute or administer any form of medication to any person at any time. In case of sudden illness, it is the patient’s responsibility to ask for assistance to seek medical help.

Visitors & Guests

A “Visitor” is a non-resident, a “Guest” is a resident of Hong Kong. Most events are not opened to guests and visitors, a few are. Members are fully responsible for the actions, conduct and behaviour of their Visitors ad Guests & will be accountable for all charges related to their actions, as well as any amounts owed for any products or services rendered.


All members, their guests and visitors, are obliged to respect the Dress Code specified for each event. In case of doubt, please refer to Dressing Culture videos. Participants who do not respect Dress Codes may be refused entry or asked to be seated at the back of the venue.

Fitness and Recreation Venues and Activities

For tennis, squash, badminton, golf … etc. appropriate sport attire is always required. In case of doubt, please refer to Dressing Culture videos. Members must always observe dress requirements & House Rules of all private clubs.

Food & Beverage

No food or beverage purchased from outside may be consumed on event venue premises. When and where permitted, Members may bring their own wine, for which the venue reserves the right to charge a corkage fee.


All events require advanced reservations. The Host does not accept walk in’s.


Must be done in writing by email. Arrangements for cancellations are as follows:

1. If The Host cancels an event there will be a 100% refund.
2. If The Host postpones or reschedules an event due to bad weather or force majeure, there will be no refund.
3. If a Member cancels a reservation for a local event more than 14 working days before the event, there will be a 95% refund.
4. If a Member cancels his reservation for a local event less than 14 working days before the event, there will be no refund.
5. If a Member cancels his reservation for an overseas event, different conditions for different situations shall apply. Please refer to individual event conditions specified.
6. Cancellations and refunds based on emergency situations will be at the sole discretion of The Host.

January 2022