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As an elite matchmaking company, we cater to tertiary educated senior professionals and executives in the higher income group. Certified by the Matchmaking Institute of New York and winner of numerous awards, Worldwide Lifestyle describes us as " society's paradigm of high end matchmakers, clearly one of the most professional matchmaking companies in Hong Kong, " while Hong Kong Business describes our founder “Diamond Matchmaker” Mei Ling as “.. someone who has put some class in the business of matchmaking.. ” .

If you lack time & resources in finding that special someone, come & talk to us. After all, you seek help from the head hunter, stock broker, travel agent, real estate agent, or even for a domestic helper… So why wouldn’t you engage professional matchmaking services for something far more important?

“Choice overload” describes how people get overwhelmed when they are presented with too many options. How does one choose from a sea of dating apps, speed dating , or online dating platforms ? How does one differentiate between dating service and matchmaking service?

In a nutshell, dating apps and speed dating offer a large assemblage of choices. They are fun, fast & frivolous, prices and security level are both low. More suitable for young people with an adventurous spirit, footloose and fancy-free. Online dating sites carry the same pros & cons as dating apps and speed dating, except without age limit. However, it is important to note that online dating requires a tremendous amount of time, patience & perseverance. Assessing and comparing options necessitates an extra level of dedication; otherwise, rushing into it will only cultivate impulsive & superficial selection habits, leading to impetuous and reckless choices.

Please note there is a HUGE difference between dating service and matchmaking service. “Dating service” offer “dates”. Dates do not necessarily have to be single, they could also be married. They do not have to be spouse seeking, they could also be paid staff. Nobody is cheating, “Dates” are what you ask for and pay for, & the service providers simply provide.

Matchmaking is the most discerning business model in the industry. Pricing, confidentiality and security levels are higher. Some matchmakers offer matching services through events, others offer solely one-to-one matchmaking. Whether you choose high-end matchmakers or executive matchmakers, the definitions are relative and not absolute. Find out if their focuses are commensurate with yours. We for instance, focus on absolute security, safety and confidentiality. We also believe that to find your match, “opportunities” alone will not suffice. One needs BOTH, thorough preparation AND opportunities to succeed.

If our focuses are compatible with yours, please do come and see us. Just bring along an open mind, a positive attitude, and give love a chance.

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