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What is the goal of preparation?
Preparation is everything. It gives us the foundation to set our dreams into motion. People who are prepared ALWAYS perform better & have more control than those who are unprepared.

What are the advantages of being prepared ?
Being prepared means being proactive and taking steps to ensure that you are ready for whatever may come your way. If you wait until something happens, you're being reactive. Preparation allows for strategic instead of reactionary thinking. It is an essential tool which helps in seizing opportunities. Adequate preparation reduce risks, build confidence, and increase chances of success.

What is a common mistake about preparation ?
One common mistake is the “waiting game” - to think that you should start preparing yourself only when you have a specific agenda in sight. The truth is, that is usually too late. You should keep building your skills and knowledge even when there is no agenda in sight.

What is the correct attitude regarding preparation ?
Keep learning, keep growing, and keep your eyes open. That way, when the opportunity comes, you will be ready to grab it. “Preparation can never guarantee success, but the lack of preparation can certainly increase your propensity toward failure”


Almost 90% of the world's population now live in countries with falling marriage rates and rising divorce rates. People are getting married later, and many prefer cohabitation to marriage.

These factors contribute to the alarming decline of birth rates. Global fertility rate fell from 4.84 in 1950 to 2.23 in 2021 and is expected to drop to 1.59 by 2100. Take Japan as one example, unless this trend is quickly reversed, they stand to lose 38 million people or 30% of their population by 2070 !! Shrinking population means shrinking labour force, shrinking economy, and finally, a withering country. This is not just a social problem, it is an existential catastrophe.

Many people disinclined to marry and have children because of different reasons, but previous failed relationships, and fear of acrimonious divorces appear to be the top deterrents. According to research findings, lack of commitment, low levels of love & trust, infidelity, frequent conflict, are the top reasons cited for disintegration of man woman relationships. However, most of these reasons are in fact preventable, if only both partners were better prepared for marriage.

We are properly trained, professional matchmakers, practicing since 17 years. Having witnessed success and failures of countless couples, our mission is to use our knowledge and experience to benefit people who need guidance in relationship matters. Whether you are married, single, divorced or widowed with matrimonial aspirations, these informative videos will show you not only how best to find and build man woman relationships, but more importantly, to sustain relationships, and thus setting positive examples to the next generation.

We have been told that these are by far the most practical , most comprehensive, RELATIONSHIP VIDEO COURSES available in Hong Kong at the moment. You do not have to be a client to enjoy our video courses, fees are very reasonable, simply subscribe online, whereas HK Matchmakers’ clients shall enjoy our video courses FREE of charge.

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Here we share our 16 + years of matchmaking experiences … the trial and tribulation, joys and tears… Perhaps most importantly, the “why’s” behind those success and failures. Topics cover a wide range of the most common problems, viz.what happens when she earns more… or when he strays… taking you through from dating to marriage in 7 episodes… and much more…a galaxy of perspectives across men women relationships not to be missed.

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Love Stories

Research reports have shown that since our traditional culture considers multiple partners to be promiscuous, 82% Asian couples do not actually have enough dating experiences prior to marriage, one of the key factors leading to rising divorces. This program offers viewers the valuable opportunity to learn from other people’s experiences ! While it’s good to learn from your own mistakes, it’s a lot cheaper to learn from other people’s mistakes, & it’s best to learn from other people’s success, because it shortens your own road to success.

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Interesting Knowledge

Some relationships fail because one lacks social knowledge leading to the erosion of self confidence. Others fail because they run out of conversation. Instead of wallowing in boredom, these interesting videos will expand your world ! Topics are wide & varied, from current affairs to art & culture, from correct pronunciation of brand names, wine names.. to dress codes, social etiquette…etc. etc. Knowledge will enhance self confidence. When a topic captures your interest, explore & research some more ! Create new interests & grow together with your partner – This is how you sustain strong relationships.

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Luminary Interviews

From time to time, Mei Ling conducts interviews with guests who have valuable experiences to share, professional knowledge to impart, hold different perspectives which can inspire us, or simply, incredible stories to tell. Hard as we may try to upgrade ourselves, not all training provide the authentic learning required to solve real-world challenges. These interviews cover a wide spectrum of people from different walks of life one might not otherwise have the chance to encounter. Listening to them may open up new vistas, learn trending solutions we might never have heard of, or feeling grateful that our own problems seem comparatively insignificant.

Self Enhancement

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Self Enhancement

An array of optional services by reputable professionals will be offered to our clients in accordance to individual needs. Some might already be included in certain memberships.

(1) Personal Consultant; (2) AI assessment of your own personality; (3) Image Consultation; (4) Make Up Lessons; (5) Fitness Training; (6) Dietary Consultation; (7) Smoking Cessation Program; (8) Drinking Cessation Program; (9) Hair Styling; (10) Portrait Photography