Our Services

Our service menu has been especially designed for three groups of singles:

Super Busy People

Where people have heavy workloads & long working hours, dating could become a chore. “Searching” online or offline, is as easy as it is tedious & time consuming. Personal safety might even be compromised. We select, pre-screen & conduct background check on clients’ behalf, ensuring that dating is not only fun, but safe as well.

People With Small Social Circles

“Work” takes up a huge part of our lives, yet many working conditions aren’t exactly conducive to building or enhancing our social circles. We do more than just conducting one to one introductions, we create, we build, and we offer unparalleled opportunities for our clients to mix and mingle, and above all, to showcase themselves in a natural & comfortable manner, so that talent & personalities could shine through, capturing the attention of potential candidates who might otherwise have missed you in a crowd, or vice versa.

Victims of Gender Imbalance

Our program “Merry Weekend” specifically addresses the problem of Gender Imbalance. Some places have more women than men, (e.g. Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, UK, Canada..) Other countries have more men than women, (e.g. China, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Brunei, Middle East…). Here we do our best to cope with what we cannot change. Post pandemic, we shall invite singles from GBA to visit HK over any weekend. Those from further neighborhood could visit during any of the 6-8 long weekends we have in HK every year !

HK’s 8 long weekends in 2023

How Does It Work ?

  1. Our service program is a comprehensive annual Membership scheme. Apart from one to one matching services, members will also enjoy activities, showcase opportunities, & other privileges.

  2. Registration is FREE. Please submit a Registration online & we shall contact you shortly.

  3. Our clients are mostly tertiary educated senior executives, professionals, business owners in the higher income group. Regret unsuitable applications may be declined.

  4. Background checks & personal interviews are admission prerequisites. In HK and where we have local representatives, this will be conducted in person, otherwise via zoom.

  5. We accept payments in HK$ or RMB.

  6. All conditions to be governed by the laws of Hong Kong.


We make one to one introductions in Hong Kong between ladies and gentlemen who are Hong Kong residents. They decide when and where to meet & arrange dates of their own volition.


Once borders are opened, we shall organize one to one lunch and/or dinner dates for members over Saturdays and Sundays with visiting singles from GBA or other neighboring countries.

Luminary Interviews

Interview is excellent PR in showcasing yourself., it brings objectivity and adds perspective. Let us know if you have an interesting product or service, or an amazing story to tell: office@hkmatchmakers.com.

Executive Forum

As Mei Ling’s Co-speakers offer members increased visibility & public awareness. You may of course just sit back & listen among the audience. Do let us know if you are interested in any particular topic & wish an introduction to the speaker: office@hkmatchmakers.com.

The Stage is Yours

Here is another fabulous opportunity especially created for our members to showcase themselves while having loads of fun and supporting local charities all at the same time !
More Details

Be My Guest

For those who meet and marry through HK Matchmakers, Mei Ling will host a dinner party for the new couple and their parents at her home.

The Helena May

Established in 1916, this beautiful heritage building is perfect for small to medium size gatherings.

Jockey Club

After lunch inside, stepping outside to watch the horse race at the VIP box balcony.

Pacific Club

We enjoy holding fellowship at the Pacific Club's private bowling alley, complete with a billiard table, a karaoke room and a scrumptious buffet prepared by Michelin star chef.


Some on YouTube Others are private. We offer members: Luminary Interviews, Relationships, Self Enhancement, General Knowledge, Culture & Travel…Whetting your appetite, hopefully you’ll further explore if interested…Knowledge is the best way to nix boredom, expand conversation sphere, improve soft skills, & elevate success rate!



There’s plenty to see and do in China. Try visiting Mogao Grottoes on camel… Martial Arts in Shaolin… From Gobi to Dunhuang… from Tibet to Danxia… For more excitement, learn to fly an eagle or venture out on a glass sky bridge!


Travel in small groups by private jet …from Monte Carlo F1, FIFA, Super Bowl to Wimbledon Final.. From Vienna Opera Ball, Met Gala to the Oscars.. From Musha Cay to the Secret Solstice Iceland… If we organize it, we have the tickets !