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We never did learn about men women relationships in school, yet somehow we are just expected to “manage”… Can we ? Declining marriage rates, falling birth rates, in tandem with rising divorce rates tell us perhaps we can’t.

If we haven’t found a soul mate yet in spite of repeated attempts...or if we have suffered a major setback or failure in a relationship, it could be that we really haven’t learned how. Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less. Humility in learning is not thinking less of what you already know, but thinking of what you already know, less.

"Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation" – Here, we offer you both.

Matching Services

One to One Introduction

We offer short profiles for perusal, and by mutual consent, arrange one to one introductions where candidates can meet in a quiet twosome.

No Age Ceiling

Most dating or matching services in Hong Kong stop at the age of 50-55 for men, 40-45 for women. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only company in Hong Kong with no age discrimination. In 2023, HK’s life expectancy is 85.3 years, we owe it to ourselves to live life to the fullest.

All profiles sent to our clients shall ALWAYS remain strictly confidential. Disclosure of any detail is strictly prohibited. Candidates introduced could be from HK, GBA, Macau, Taiwan, other ASEAN countries and beyond, this will be clearly mentioned in the profiles.

Your Safety is Our Priority

The online/ dating app world is super saturated. While these offer advantages, (quick, cheap and provide a vast arena of unlimited choices), there are also disadvantages,( time cost, some fabricated photos, some misleading or entirely false narratives.) While there are successes, there are more failures. Fraud trend is high, but these are only physical problems. Less discussed are mental and emotional problems.

Both PubMed Central and MDPI have conducted extensive studies on this subject. Below are brief, simplified excerpts:
1) ADDICTION - Dating apps trigger only the release of dopamine, without bringing the opioid system into action, so the intense high quickly wears off, and you feel compelled to keep scrolling as you chase more of that high feeling.

2) CREATING DIFFICULTIES IN REAL RELATIONSHIPS – You train yourself to judge potential matches by photos, often within seconds. Assessment is impetuous, you learn to ignore real values and become increasingly superficial & impatient.

3) INDUCING STRESS -If you don’t get any requests to connect, or if your requests are rejected, self esteem is bruised. When a user you like suddenly stops talking to you, it could sink your mood, raise self doubt, cause anxiety or even depression. It is dehumanizing to suffer mood roller coaster caused by someone you might not even have met.

All these and much, much more.
Your safety is important to us. We guarantee that we have verified and met each and everyone of both male & female candidates in our database before he/she is being introduced to you.

Background Check

Looking for love has never been a walk in the park. In this fast paced society, where technology has increasingly been abused to carry out fraudulent scams, where AI mocks reality, one can never be too careful.


We look forward to the pleasure of meeting all our clients. In Hong Kong, interviews are conducted in person, in China & overseas, via zoom. Getting acquainted certainly paves the way for better communications ahead.

Background Check

We respectfully request all candidates to please submit all documents required * for our background check. Our apologies for this procedure, but then you will know for sure, that each and every new friend you meet through us is legally single, tertiary educated, and gainfully employed, and that he/she has nothing to hide.

What peace of mind ! Imagine the amount of time and effort we save you ! You can hence relax , sit back and just concentrate solely on the business of finding that special someone.

* Verification documents include:
(a) HKID Card or passport
(b) Proof of education
(c) Proof of residence address
(d) Proof of employment
(e) Proof of marital status (Employer’s tax return which says 1=single, 2=married..etc)