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We never did learn about love relationships in school, yet somehow we are just expected to “manage”… Can we ? Declining marriage rates, falling birth rates, in tandem with rising divorce rates tell us perhaps we can’t.

According to traditional wisdom, "Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation" – So if we fail repeatedly in finding love in spite of all attempts, or if we have difficulties sustaining love relationships, are we lacking in opportunity or preparation?

In affairs of the heart, “opportunity” means finding “the ONE” . On a deserted island, that would be tough. Here in Hong Kong, we are inundated by a sea of people in every nook & cranny, one could in principle meet “the ONE” in an elevator, at a party, or perhaps in a supermarket…Not to mention a plethora of dating services, platforms & matching services easily available everywhere. The industry of love not only thrives, it presently boasts unprecedented prosperity worldwide. Why then, are marriage rates sinking and not rising ?? This defies logic, and the inference is clear: the quandary lies not in a lack of opportunities, but rather in the insufficiency of preparation.

“Preparation" for partner search refers to the mastery of 4 basic skills : (1) to correctly identify the right candidates, (2) to attract the person of your choice, (3) to make that person fall in love with you, and (4) to strengthen and sustain love relationships. There is an old saying, "A skillful wife can't cook a meal without rice..." Instead of blaming her for being incompetent, ask why you have no rice? Why aren’t you making a living to have enough money to buy rice ? Until you have identified the real problems, more opportunities will only go to waste. Adamantly chasing opportunities alone isn’t going to help, try acquiring the skill sets first!

Preparation begins with the willingness to learn, and the willingness to learn requires humility. Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less. Humility in learning is not thinking less of what you already know, but thinking of what you already know, less.

Some matchmakers and high end matchmakers differentiate themselves solely by the number of opportunities they provide, plus perhaps a sprinkling of “date coaching” mostly conducted by sales people, our one-to-one matchmaking is fully supported by a comprehensive palette of preparations to make sure that opportunities will be maximized.