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Where To Find Opportunities ?
Opportunities seldom come in a large boxes, giftwrapped, with bells on. Sometimes just a flicker, a limp hair, often in silent steps.…Those who are vigilant, proactive and well prepared may catch them. Those who are unprepared, too busy being self important, or waiting to be served will likely miss them.

How To Catch Opportunities ?
In a world of possibilities, sitting and waiting for opportunities is an invitation to stagnation. Instead, we must seize the reins of fate and maximize every chance that comes our way. Given half a chance, learn to maximize and multiply, turning “half” into multiples. Venture out, seek and create opportunities, even when presented with just a glimmer of possibility. If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door !

A Little True Story
Miss Snob went on a date with Mr. Modest, found him boring, never saw him again. Miss Smart went on a date with Mr. Modest. There was no chemistry, but she listened. She figured, every single has single friends. Since Mr. Modest has passed our background check, she assumed birds of a feather would flock together. His friends would have similar background. She found out about his siblings, neighbours, colleagues, hobbies… and decided to join his Sunday hiking group. Two Sunday hikings later, they all met for BBQ dinner. That was how Miss Smart met Mr. Modest’s brother’s colleague, Mr. Perfect. They have since been happily married and become proud parents of a beautiful toddler. A pessimist finds the negative in every opportunity; an optimist finds the opportunity in every negative.

It is through this proactive attitude that doors are opened, paths are forged, and success is achieved. By cultivating a mindset of initiative and determination, individuals can transcend the limitations imposed by circumstance and shape their own destiny. So, embrace the power within, and with each half-chance, embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and endless possibilities.

Matching Services

Matching Service

We provide one to one matchmaking services. Clients will be invited for a personal consultation first, to be followed by background verification. The search for appropriate candidates will commence shortly thereafter.

The matching process is simple. Kindly respond to profiles within 2 days. By mutual consent, dates will be arranged. We advocate civility – punctuality is mandatory, overly-casual attire is discouraged. “No Show” will be penalized. Clients are requested to submit Feedback to us after each date. We wish you a successful journey.

Background Check

For the safety and protection of all our clients, background checks and personal interviews are mandatory, and must be conducted prior to any service being rendered. Verifications are conducted by our lawyers’ office.
We require the following documents for verification please:(1) HK ID card or passport copy (2) proof of residence address (3) proof of education (4) proof of employment (5) proof of marital status (Employers’ return where it states “1” for single, “2” for married; or divorce papers if appropriate etc.)
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Charity Talent Contest

Charity Talent Contest

All members, who can sing or dance, may apply to join the contest. If you cannot perform, we could still assign you to one of many roles at the charity event, such posts would include: MC, selling roses, selling raffles, usherette, etc. Anything to give you an opportunity to stand out and shine. Potential admirers may contact us to reach you. Thus adding a guard rail while maximizing your opportunities, and all that for a good cause.