Ladies' Corner

Looking for a life partner is probably one of the most important projects we undertake, and it would be foolish to approach this task uninformed. Victory favours the prepared. One cannot expect to sleep walk into an adventure and win.

To this end, we encourage ladies to clearly identify your needs as versus your wants. Is there a difference? Yes, there is. For instance, you really, really “WANT” a cold ice cream. But what you “NEED” is actually warm drinking water ! In other words, your “wants” satisfy your cravings at the expense of your health. Whereas your “needs” satisfy your well being. Be unmistakably clear about your destination before you embark on your journey.



Men are visually stimulated, and are easily attracted to women who take care of their appearance. This includes hair, makeup, clothing, body shape, demeanor, voice, tone, smell and gait. If you are not sure, avoid perfume, the smell of soap might be preferred.

Self Confidence

A woman who is comfortable in her own skin is attractive to men. However, excessive display of “self-confidence” becomes “cockiness” and “arrogance”. Conversely, low self-esteem can be a turn-off as it can signal insecurity or a lack of self-worth.

Sense of humor

A woman who appreciates humour, knows how to laugh is very attractive to men, as it suggests that she is easygoing, doesn’t take things too seriously, and understands how to enjoy the lighter side of life.


Beauty with brains is an irresistible combination for any man. Men are often drawn to women who can hold interesting and stimulating conversations on multiple topics, she is informed, and that makes them feel intellectually stimulated.


Kindness and compassion are very attractive qualities, they signal that a woman is empathetic, caring, and nurturing, which in turn would imply that she can probably get along well with anybody, including his family, friends and working circles.

Positive attitude

Men are often drawn to women who radiate positivity and enthusiasm, as it can make them feel energized and uplifted in their own lives. Most men dislike negative women.

Shared interests

While not the most important factor in a relationship, common interests allow ease in communications, there is always something to discuss over shared experiences.


Open-mindedness suggests that women are more accepting, non-judgmental, willing to step outside of their comfort zone and try new things. They can see things from different perspectives, appreciate different cultures & lifestyles & that’s very attractive.

Emotional stability

Nobody likes a “crybaby” or in simple words a clingy woman. Men often appreciate women who can communicate effectively and deal with challenges in a constructive way, as it can make them feel more secure and supported in a relationship.


Men find an independent woman capable of taking care of herself and doesn’t rely on him for everything attractive. However, being independent doesn’t mean arrogance or an exaggerated sense of self-worth, it must never be used as a tool to pick arguments.