Background Check

The Standard Check is mandatory for all prior to any service. It would save time if a client voluntarily submits all documents for our verification. Otherwise, out sourced services at additional fee to the client. We cannot proceed further until clearance has been obtained.

Standard Check

Criteria to be checkedDocuments required (by voluntary submission)
1Verification of Age & IDHKID card, birth certificate, or passport
2No criminal recordEither a CNCC (certificate of no criminal conviction) or you can sign a Testimonial at our office to this effect
3Verification of Marital Status“Employer’s Return” of your tax statement labels you as
"1" = single/divorced/widowed, and
"2" = married. We need this document.
4Proof of residential addressUtility bills or Rates invoices for 3 consecutive months. We do not accept a P.O.Box as residential address
5Proof of employment and/or financial stabilityEmployment contract + tax returns for employees. BR + tax return for self-employed. Or last 3 months' bank statements