Supporting Services

We offer a comprehensive menu of services including external and internal enhancement:

External Enhancement

We offer referrals to: hair stylists, make-up artists, dieticians, gym trainer, photographer, dermatologists….etc. etc. All referrals are merit based, we do not take any referral fee or commission from service providers. For some Plans, many services are already included.

Image Consultant

Styling is a matter of taste, and taste is subjective. Some clients don't listen, disagree, don’t understand, or don’t remember… We have learned that Image consulting may not be right for most of our clients. We now offer a PSC (Personal Shopping Consultant). She could talk to you, and accompany you to go shopping for a couple of dating outfits… Less is more.

Internal Enhancement

Many books are given free of charge to our clients . We also hold several seminars a year, featuring different guest speakers, covering a large variety of interesting topics. Opened to the public, our clients attend free. Starting 2020, a video library will also be made available.