Supporting Services

We offer a comprehensive menu of services including external and internal enhancement:

External Enhancement

“Image” is taste dependent, and taste is subjective. Hence, an image consultant may or may not be the panacea for all. However, in case of need, we offer referrals to: hair stylists, make-up artists, image consultant, dieticians, gym trainer, photographer….etc.. To ensure quality service for our clients, all referrals are merit based, we do not take any referral fee or commission from any service providers. For some Plans, many services are already included.

Internal Enhancement

Many books are given free of charge to our clients. MeiView.Asia is a video platform expressly designed for Chinese singles. Operating as a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program , Mei View’s video service is FREE, Our aim is to help viewers enhance soft skills, expand general knowledge & ameliorate incorrect attitudes… so you can become even more interesting, more attractive dates, thereby improving your chance of success !! Appearance is important, but inner attraction is far more endurable.