The Stage is Yours

“The Stage is Yours” is an annual Charity Gala for all our members.
Funds raised will be donated to support all the charitable services of the Rotary Club of Homantin Hill – a government recognized charitable institution, exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

All rights reserved. Selection rests entirely on HK Matchmakers' discretion. Conditions apply.
Competition date - to be advised.


We accept all Chinese and English pop songs, opera, folk songs, ballads, jazz, country...No heavy metal music, political nor religious lyrics.


We welcome all decent choreography, and repertoire of contemporary and traditional movements.
One of three performers must be a member

Magic and Martial Arts

We welcome all sorts of magic performances, from illusions, mentalism, to escapology. Martial arts from Kung fu, Karate, Judo, Aikido to Taekwondo are likewise most welcome.

Application Procedure

Members please submit an application plus a TWO minute video of your performance to for the qualifying, we shall contact you shortly.

Performers' Responsibilities

Performers are responsible for their own make up, costume, personal belongings and insurance. There is a piano, but no live band. Please send music by email in advance. Two shared changing rooms, one for ladies, one for men.

Star of The Year

Winners will be voted in by the panel of judges and live audience on the evening of the Final. The Star of the Year will be crowned and proceeds will be donated to charity.