Personal Growth Programs

To be successful in finding and sustaining a healthy relationship, one requires 3 vital ingredients:

(A) Attitude & mentality
(B) Soft skills
(C) Opportunities.

Personal Growth Programs are designed to help our members achieve (A) + (B). Contents may be divided into 4 categories (1) Self Enhancement Programs, (2) Mini Forums, (3) Culture & Travel (4) Annual Charity Talent Contest. Please see photo synopsis below:

Self Enhancement Program

Better Me

A good house needs a good foundation. Courses on Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills, Social Skills, Compromise, Fighting Fair… all help singles strengthen themselves first before building satisfying relationships

Building Relationships

We explore relationships from different perspectives, e.g. : Marrying for Money, Marriage Procrastinators, When She Earns More, Domineering Mothers ..etc.. We anticipate problems and learn solving skills, or how to avert them.

Managing Failure

Learning to ski or ride a horse, one must first learn how to fall. Likewise in relationships, decline without being hurtful, accept rejection without being bitter. That too, we must learn.

Love Stories

We tell true love stories and learn from other people’s experiences... Charles & Camilla, Chiang Kai-shek & Ch'en Chieh-ju… the rich the poor, the good the bad… we learn something each time.

Mini Forums

Mini Forums

Our short talks deliver 3 distinct benefits : (1) Expand our knowledge, (2) create a common conversation topic for all, (3) facilitate instant discussion & communication among strangers.

Soft Skills

Don’t believe the rich & famous must know how to dress! Trump & his son were embarrassing ! Our lectures cover all kinds of soft skills : dressing culture, food culture, social etiquette and more…

Quick Language Skills

We do not teach a language course, we only teach correct pronunciations of English, French, Italian, German brand names for fashion, cars, wine, watches, menu , & road signs for holiday drivers.

Beauty, Wellness, Technology & Investment

During talks, seminars and workshops, experts share knowledge & advice, from beauty, health, wellness, to technology, financial planning, real estate, and more.

Culture and Travel

Belt and Road

1500 years ago , Han Dynasty opened the Silk Road. In 2013, President Xi opened the new BRI. By 2023 January, 151 countries have signed up. How many do you know? We'll show the way.

Western Cultural Knowledge

We impart simple, vital info to reduce ignorance, knowledge makes our members more interesting. Mozart’s Figaro, Verdi’s La Traviata, da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, Pavarotti are examples of somethings one should know.

Short Trips

An efficient way to get to know someone better. Planned itineraries aim to increase opportunities for members through cultural exposure. Relationships may flourish or fade, experiences gained shall remain.

Harbin’s Ice Festival

Festivals are a nation’s cultural identity, the structure of families & societies. They remind us of our past, shape our present & manifest our future. We love to share different festivals with our members, it’s fun knowledge at its best.

HK Circle Talent Contest

Here is a golden opportunity to showcase yourself, to stand out from the crowd & be noticed, and all for a good cause !

Talent Contest Charity Gala

An excellent opportunity for members to showcase themselves while raising funds for charity. Conditions apply. Competition date – to be advised.

Four Categories

We welcome 4 categories of performances: singing, dancing, martial arts and magic , which fall within the realm of art and culture.


​There is a well tuned piano but no live band. Please send music by email at least 1 month in advance.

Application Procedure

Members please submit an application plus a TWO minute video of your performance to, We shall be in touch shortly.

Performers' Responsibilities

​Performers are responsible for their own makeup, costume, personal belongings and insurance. There are 2 changing rooms, 1 for ladies, 1 for men’s.

Star of the Year

Winners will be voted in by our judge panel and our audience. Proceeds will be donated to Charity.