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Dr. PCL is Chinese male, 48 years old, a medical doctor working in a hospital in Los Angeles. He is 5’5”, athletic build. A clever investor, he has an impressive investment portfolio and has also developed a very successful medical supply business on the side since many years. He was an old client of ours but a successful relationship failed in the end because he was not ready to return to live in HK and the lady, who did not want to move to USA, married someone else.

Completely devastated, he was a broken man. However, he has managed his grief well, and now manages to pull himself out to start all over again. His focus hasn’t changed, he still seeks a Chinese lady aged 33-37, wants children, a professional with minimum a Bachelor’s degree, who is open to both the possibility of either living in the USA or in Hong Kong. What has changed now is his attitude. He has learned the importance of compromise in a twosome, and would also consider settling down here in HK should his life partner so insists.

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Mr A is 40+, 175-176cm, a Harvard grad private banker. Having spent many years studying and working in the UK and USA, he has quite an international outlook in addition to strong Chinese values. A healthy and happy upbringing, with close family relationships certainly contributed to his very balanced attitude & positive outlook towards life.

Successful yet modest, Mr. A enjoys outdoor sports, music, drama, technology, current affairs etc …A diverse palette of interests indeed makes him an interesting man. Sadly, a man who has everything failed in his marriage. Divorced, he remains a loving father to his 2 children.

A well brought up gentleman in every way, Mr. A seeks a sporty, considerate wife with similar values and a caring mother to his two children.

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