Our Team

Kathy Chiron

Kathy Chiron - Date Coach and Consultant

Kathy had a fabulous career as a school Principal. She was also Education Director UJC & President of AWA.

Happily married to a prominent lawyer with 2 sons, Kathy is also a qualified Date Coach.

Dr. Barbara Thomas

Dr. Barbara Thomas - Legal Counsel

Dr Barbara was Chair of the San Francisco Bar Family Law Association for years. She is a reputable mediator in USA & HK, specialing in pre-marital counseling and pre-nuptial agreements.

Bernice Lee

Bernice Lee - High Performance Coach

A Canadian Chinese, Bernice is a graduate of Yale and Cornell, with 10 plus years of corporate experience in marketing and human resources at multinational companies in the US and Asia. Bernice has been a successful coach, advising over 3000 clients since 2014.