Gold Circle

For the protection of all our members, mandatory background check is an admission prerequisite, we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Comprehensive Background Check

Our Modus Operandi is quite simple: First, we share knowledge and experience with our members, reinforce their skill sets, raise their self confidence, prime their attitude, and then we create plenty of opportunities for them to meet new friends through social activities. Statisticians will understand that by the Laws of Probability, the chances of our members achieving success this way will be extremely high. Please see PERSONAL GROWTH and CONGENIAL LIFESTYLE for details.

Our wide and varied social agenda has something for everyone. There’s no pressure, just relax & be yourself. Make new friends, meet someone, while doing things you enjoy !

Some social events are hosted by us, but not all. Quite often, we work in collaboration with friends, partners, and associates, including chambers, Consulates, Private Clubs, NGOs.. Etc. Thereby opening up more opportunities for our clients to meet more people from different walks of life.