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As marriage rate sinks, divorce rate rises, HK even holds the infamous title of being the world’s lowest in terms of birth rate. The shrinking of our labour force is detrimental to our economy and to HK’s future, this is a serious social problem that urgently needs to be addressed. We are offering free educational videos in Youtube as our CSR program, both for the young and the not so young.

To encourage viewership, weekly lucky draw takes place, elite singles stand to win free matchmaking services. Conditions apply. Just a few easy steps:
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The more videos you watch & like, the more often you will be included in the lucky draws.
A win win situation !

youtube relationships


Here we share our 16 + years of matchmaking experiences openly and candidly… the trial and tribulation, joys and tears… Perhaps most importantly, the “why’s” behind those success and failures.

youtube love stories

Love Stories

It’s good to learn from your own mistakes, it’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes, it’s best to learn from other people’s success, because it shortens your own road to success.

youtube interesting knowledge

Interesting Knowledge

Many couples reach a point in their relationship when they can no longer find anything interesting to say to each other. Before your communication begins to wilt & wither, these interesting videos will expand your world !

youtube luminary interviews

Luminary Interviews

Topics may vary from your job, special skills, hobbies.. passion…Sky is the limit. You can choose to publicize your contact details or let potential admirers contact you through us. It’s fast, it’s efficient and you can cast your net much wider.