Mei Ling Ng Liu

Mei Ling Ng Liu - Managing Director

Mei Ling, our multilingual founder, (MBA, MA English Literature), became a successful entrepreneur in HK after a long & brilliant corporate career in the States, London, & Frankfurt. She sold her business at its peak and to the amazement of many, reinvented herself by becoming a matchmaker. An award winning columnist, lyricist and author of several best sellers, she has appeared in over 100 TV & radio shows in HK, China, Europe, USA & Australia. A popular public speaker, she delivers talks at university alumni's, NGOs and chambers on a regular basis.
As a Board Director of the Matchmaking Institute of New York, our “Diamond Matchmaker” has redefined the industry in Hong Kong, China and S.E. Asia with credibility and respect. Hong Kong Business wrote of her: “Here is finally someone who has put some class in the business of matchmaking…”
Mei Ling’s contributions to society is consistent. Formerly a Board Director of the Hong Kong American Women’s Association (AWA) and Chairman of their Education and Scholarship Funds, she created the scholarship in Ling Nam University and made debt-free further education for marginalized students possible. The HK Society for the Blind has likewise honoured her with a Silver Award for her long years of volunteer services.
In her present capacity as the Charter President of the Rotary Club of Homantin Hill, Mei Ling continues to serve the local community.

Conway Liu

Conway Liu - Director

Successful entrepreneur, book author, financier, travelling companion, mentor, confidant and close friend, Conway in his capacity as Director offers his wife infinite patience, understanding, considerable moral and financial support.


Kathy Chiron

Kathy Chiron - Date Coach and Consultant

After a long and successful career in retail marketing, Kathy returned to university to complete her Master’s in Education. She then began her second career as a teacher and soon thereafter, a school principal. Kathy is happily married to Stuart, a prominent solicitor, they have 2 sons in the States and have been living in HK for 10 years
She has served as Education Director of the UJC (United Jewish Congregation), President of AWA (American Women's Association), President of LWV (League of Women Voters), engaging in myriad rewarding activities, making significant contributions to innumerable charities. Kathy is also a qualified Date Coach who has published her own book, she has the innate skill to connect with men and women on different levels and we are proud to have her at HK Matchmakers.

Regina Lo-Barrington

Regina Lo-Barrington - Consultant

Since completing her Master’s in Communications from the States, Regina had worked in international Advertising Agencies as a senior executive both in Hong Kong & Canada. She then switched to publishing, became the Editorial Director for an English lifestyle magazine, and launched the first ever all English inflight magazine for one of the largest airlines in China.
Reinventing herself, she obtained her second Master’s in Counselling in Australia and became a registered counselor. Regina has a warm way with people, she genuinely cares about them and is very well liked which makes her a successful counselor. Being Chinese, educated in the States & Australia, and married to a British with two teenage daughters makes her truly international and provides her with insight and sensitivity especially to crossed cultural issues.
We consider ourselves lucky to have Regina with us.

Dr. Barbara Thomas

Dr. Barbara Thomas - Legal Counsel

Dr. Barbara Thomas served at the Chair of the San Francisco Bar Family Law Assn., the California Family Law Section Executive Committee, and Chair of Californian State Bar Committee writing family law legislation. After 20 years as a litigator, she now believes that mediation is the best alternative to conflict resolution. She has since diverted her focus, specializing in mediation since the past 15 years.
Dr. Thomas is a reputable mediator in USA & HK, especially in family law matters, she acts as the Legal Counsel to HK Matchmakers especially in regard to conflict resolution between couples, between couples and their families, pre-marital counseling and pre-nuptial agreements.

Rochelle Mellsop

Rochelle Mellsop – Consultant

Rochelle is a New Zealand registered nurse, specializing in health management and education. She and her family have lived in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore previously. Her husband works as a CFO, their son is a university student, and their daughter works in London.
Rochelle takes the opportunity in HK to make new friends, expand her interest in self healing and has taken many courses in education facilitation, smoking cessation, self management in time & stress, setting priorities, identifying personal goals.. etc. All of these courses have helped her become an effective listener and motivator, and she works diligently to provide support for her clients to ensure that his/her goal will be achieved.
We are proud to have Rochelle as a Consultant for Hong Kong Matchmakers!

Betty Lam

Betty Lam – Date Coach and Consultant

Betty holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling from the University of New England, Australia. She is also a certified Therapist in the Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy for individuals, couples and family, Narrative Therapy, Gambling Counselling, Child-based Play Therapy as well as Arts, Dance Movement, Play, Drama Therapy. She has been counselling since seventeen years and is particularly reputable for her outstanding experiences in fostering man-woman relationships, very especially in achieving remarkable results in conflict resolution.
Betty is the embodiment of the ultimate Christian virtue – infinite patience. She is a good listener and an empathetic partner who, like a beacon, will accompany her client every step of the way, throughout the entire journey of spouse search.
We are proud and delighted to have Betty as one of our Consultants.

Feroz Sultana

Feroz Sultana – Date Coach & Consultant

Feroz holds Bsc(Hons) in Marketing from the National University of Ireland, Dublin, and FPVCB from The Professional Validation Centre of Hong Kong. After 15 years as a senior executive in a large American company with global reach, Feroz left corporate life to become an entrepreneur. In 2005, she started up her own business in the beauty & health industry, and finally sold it after a decade of success. Feroz has won numerous awards and much deserved recognition during her glorious career.
An outstanding wife and mother, Feroz’s biggest life achievement has to be her decades long exemplary marriage to Anthony, upon which a solid foundation has been built, for the sustainability and happiness of her entire family.