Congenial Lifestyle

Congenial Lifestyle programs are all about maximizing opportunities - The opportunity to meet your future spouse ? Or a constant companion? Or simply a good friend of like mind and interests to explore the world together?

Our programs may be divided into four categories: (1) The Great Outdoor (2) The Great Indoor, (3) Private Club Events (4) Parties, Galas, and Balls. Please see examples of some activities below:

Great Outdoor

For those who like action, there are plenty of exciting programs to choose from, here are a few examples:

Local Outings

Whether it’s 431 steps to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery…Or to one of the islands on a boat, we’ll have fun either way.

Biking and Hiking

Hong Kong has 13,109 cycling routes, and some of the best urban hiking in the world, with 552 named peaks.. Come explore with us!

Water Sports

From waterskiing to wakeboarding, from windsurfing to jet skiing, or kitesurfing, dragon boating, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, stand up paddleboarding… Hong Kong has it all.

Up To The Sky

Parasailing, paragliding, sky diving, so much to do ! Please do come and join us and let us glide away together to the world of adventure !

Great Indoor

For those who do not want to be overly strenuous, we have leisurely events that won’t stretch a muscle. A few examples:

Luminary Speakers

Brilliant speakers like Eric Zhu Liluan impart wisdom, while those like Jack Ma provoke thoughts. Different speakers draw different crowds, a magnificent way to expand one’s social circle.

Wine Tasting

We organize wine tasting events from a vast variety of wineries. Members may also purchase at preferential prices.

Private Sale

From time to time, we hold private sales of popular or luxury brands for members with significant discounts!

Community Services

For the marginalized, we pack & donate care packages, distribute rice boxes, support local food banks, visit the elderly, the sick and the lonely.

Private Clubs

We hold a lot of events at private clubs for better food and amenities. A couple of examples here:

The Helena May

Established in 1916, this beautiful heritage building is perfect for small to medium size gatherings.

Jockey Club

After lunch inside, stepping outside to watch the horse race at the VIP Box balcony.

Pacific Club

We enjoy holding fellowship at the Pacific Club’s private bowling alley, complete with a billiard table, a karaoke room and a scrumptious buffet prepared by Michelin star chef.

American club

Grandma Beauty Contest (left), Mom Charity Fashion Show (right). Members are encouraged to invite moms and grannies to join the fun. Family values are important to us.

Parties & Parties

For those who like parties, there are occasions galore throughout the year, a few fun examples:

Formal Parties & Black Tie Balls

Festive Celebrations and Black Tie Balls . Members are advised to show respect and abide by specified Dress Codes.

Charity Gala

We are grateful to all our benefactors who support our charity fundraising events. We salute them for their immense Contributions

Theme Parties

Hawaiian night, Chinese night, Egyptian night, Cowboy’s barn dance, Parisian Night, Malaysian Night, Venetian Masquerade Ball… The list goes on…


The Germans celebrate Oktoberfest, the Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.. Americans & Canadians have their Thanksgivings… Hong Kong celebrates everything…