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Mei Ling Ng Liu

Mei Ling Ng Liu, MA, MBA – Founder

Mei Ling, a multilingual international marketing professional, now lives in Hong Kong after 30 years in Europe and North America.

After a brilliant international corporate career, Mei Ling became an entrepreneur. She built, then sold, her hugely successful business at its peak, and decided she would champion the cause of HK women, who have long been suffering the disadvantages of gender imbalance. Flew to study matchmaking in New York, she completed her internship in USA & Europe before returning home to establish HK Matchmakers in 2007… the rest is history. HK Matchmakers has since become the most reputable in the industry in Asia with associate offices in Los Angeles, London, Melbourne, and shortly, in GBA China.

Author of several best sellers, Mei Ling wrote “The Diamond Matchmaker” for HK Economic Times’ ETNet for 4 years, and was voted one of their top ten columnists. (English with Chinese translations). Her first TV series in Paris was an instant sensation, to be followed by hundreds more across five different countries. A popular public speaker, Mei Ling also gave lectures on Soft Skills at VTC’s PEAK College.

Mei Ling remains very active in social community services.

Our Reference:

Canada’s Jem Publishing (Co-authors Middlemiss & Geissler) published a series of book tributes featuring six most outstanding SME entrepreneurs in major cities of the world. Assessment was based on tangible achievement, professionalism in relevant fields, business ethics and integrity. In the Hong Kong edition of Born To Be Boss, Mei Ling was selected as one of the six.

Conway Liu

Conway Liu - Director

Successful entrepreneur, book author, financier, travelling companion, mentor, confidant and close friend, Conway in his capacity as Director offers his wife infinite patience, understanding, considerable moral and financial support.


Kathy Chiron

Kathy Chiron - Date Coach and Consultant

Kathy had a fabulous career as a school Principal. She was also Education Director UJC & President of AWA.

Happily married to a prominent lawyer with 2 sons, Kathy is also a qualified Date Coach.

Regina Lo-Barrington

Regina Lo-Barrington - Consultant

Regina holds two Master Degrees in Communications and in Counselling from USA & Australia respectively.

Formerly a magazine Editor, her international insight and sensitivity makes her an excellent Consultant.

Dr. Barbara Thomas

Dr. Barbara Thomas - Legal Counsel

Dr Barbara was Chair of the San Francisco Bar Family Law Association for years. She is a reputable mediator in USA & HK, specialing in pre-marital counseling and pre-nuptial agreements.

Teddy Tsang

Teddy Tsang – Event Director

Teddy has had 30 years of experience in printing and production, operating his own company, serving high end overseas clients. His close liaison with authors & writers from all walks of life has turned him into a seasoned communicator with a passion for empowering people.

In 2020, he completed a leadership development program with brilliant results, became a coach in the same program, and has been practicing network building since, leading a successful team, empowering participants in their pursuit of success in all aspects of life.

Teddy has a wide range of hobbies, including hiking, long distance running, badminton and diving …among others. We are proud and delighted to have Teddy as one of our Events Directors.

Martina Ing

Martina Ing – Event Director

Martina is a multilingual interior architect & creative consultant who focuses mainly on community education projects. She works for an international Think Tank, teaching the fundamentals of urban regeneration and community building with considerations to climate and environment.

Having lived in Munich, Berlin, London, San Francisco, Toronto & Bangkok, Hong Kong is now home. Martina’s nomadic life path and Eurasian heritage is well suited to creating fun and informative programs for HK Circle members.

She looks forward to sharing easy tricks with members to master basic foreign languages, simple travel tips, European customs & traditions, cuisine & more… hopefully, both armchair explorers and real-world travellers alike, can more meaningfully immerse themselves in and enjoy the fun, quirky and wonderfully varied things to see and do on this amazing planet of ours!

SK Tang

Captain SK Tang – Event Director

Born and grew up in Amsterdam, his parents have successfully instilled in SK a sense of pride to be Chinese while embracing Western culture.

As a child, SK took his first trip on a jumbo jet to Hong Kong. Completely overwhelmed, his dream to an become airline pilot became deeply rooted. Unwavering, he continued to pursue his dream, completed his degrees in aviation, finally became a pilot for a major commercial airline, now stationed in Hong Kong.

This new chapter began opening SK’s eyes and broadening his horizon. Always up for an adventure, he has been exploring all the exciting things in all corners of the world… From cultural heritage sites, major festivals, scuba diving, snowboarding, kite surfing, paragliding … and all and is eager to share his passion and experiences with you.

Tennyson Chan

Tennyson Chan – MA, FBCS, Event Director

A lecturer in Information Technology, City University, Tennyson had his own very successful IT company, which he sold after 20 years to become an online store entrepreneurial mentor. Today, Tennyson’s focus lies in market development, in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and beyond.

With wide and varied interests, Tennyson loves golf, hiking, skiing, drama and music. He played with a professional band while in Malaysia, and recorded his own first single album. Above all, he enjoys composing, using an incredible combination of musical instruments.

Tennyson’s forte lies in business and social networking. A “people person”, he is a firm believer in building connections through mutual interests, building friendship through common values. He looks forward to meeting all members of HK Circle through forthcoming activities.